Total financial Security

Total Financial Security

Total Financial Security

“I help business owners, time poor professionals and disillusioned share market participants make great property investment decisions, so they protect their savings and build real wealth for their future.”
Di Garis –  PIAA Accredited Advisor

Have you ever had these challenges ….

⦁ Know in your heart that you really need to take action NOW (rather than continuing to procrastinate) to accumulate wealth so you can enjoy your retirement years?
⦁ Want to build up assets that provide additional income so you get to choose your working hours, have better holidays, and fund worthwhile projects and interests?
⦁ Have some experience as a property investor with marginal results, would like to do better, but don’t know where to buy, what to buy, and when to buy?
⦁ Would like to invest in property rather than shares but with all the vested interests in the real estate industry, don’t know where to turn for advice that you can trust?

My story ….

I started property investing many years ago whilst working as a teacher. At that time I wasn’t too clear on how to go about it. Fortunately, having a tax and accounting expert in the family made investing less risky. I first undertook professional training in 2006 & have enjoyed helping many investors get started. My assets have now increased significantly in value and through setting up our own SMSF, I learnt a lot about the potential of this structure to improve my portfolio.

Investors always need to keep learning and researching but many never have the time – their jobs and family are priorities, so the Total Financial Security Company was created and works with Forrester Cohen to deliver an exceptional service to investors.

How I can help you can get started ………

Our “risk free” engagement process involves a free no obligation meeting, some fact gathering and initial analysis between meetings, and feedback to you on what’s possible.
The initial meeting involves spending time discussing your goals and how I could help you. It’s primarily a getting to know each other session to see if you’re comfortable with me and also for me to judge whether I can help you.
At the follow up consultation I provide feedback on what’s possible, confirm our terms of engagement and then put the Property Investment Advice process into full gear. You can pull out at any time if not satisfied.

Services I provide include;
a) full property investment advice,
b) portfolio review and optimization,
c) property sourcing and selection, and
d) ongoing mentoring and support.

These services are detailed in a Property Investment Services Guide provided at the initial meeting.